InPlace has been the most successful integrated learning placement solution in Australia and the UK
since entering the market in 2010.

InPlace is a web-based solution that connects students with the workplace through easy-to-use and flexible management software that:

  • Improves the student experience with better outcomes through a more tailored and involved solution
  • Saves time by simplifying the placement process for students, universities and workplaces
  • Controls costs by optimizing resources to avoid wasting time and money
  • Provides full visibility and control, and accurate reports

InPlace provides:

  • Smart functionality
    • Rules-based allocation
    • Opportunity-based selection
    • Student self-selection
    • Self-arranged allocation
  • Smart Interface
    • Integration with existing univerity systems
    • Web-based solution
    • Responsive design optimized for widescreen, table and smartphone
  • Smart Flexibility
    • Customization solution for all disciplines
    • Extensive one-touch reporting options
    • Cloud or local hosting

Operations in Australia, US, UK and Asia!

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