Bring your Hybris data to life with commerce analytics and dashboards

SAP Hybris is a global leader in commerce, offering an enterprise-level commerce platform that supports significant numbers of B2B and B2C clients globally.

QuantumIT has developed an affordable off-the-shelf analytics solution that integrates seamlessly with Hybris.

Introducing Hybrhub. Hybrhub complements the SAP Hybris commerce stack.

It collects valuable e-commerce data and extracts it into meaningful and compelling executive level output and dashboards.

Hybrhub also integrates with Google Analytics, your CRM and/or POS. Hybrhub can be configured, integrated and deployed within a matter of days, giving you the ability to gain valuable insights into real-time business details and trends.

Hybrhub offers several unique value features:

  • Deployed into the cloud on scalable AWS infrastructure
  • Separated from your SAP Hybris production system, meaning reporting generation has no impact on operational performance
  • Automated configurable periodic updates ensure accurate and consistent reporting
  • Supports Hybris version 5.x and 6.x, and will be maintained through future Hybris releases
  • New dashboards and reports will be automatically shared as they are developed
  • Existing dashboards and reports can be modified or new ones created • Business users can easily develop custom reports
  • Easy to use toolkit that can be easily adopted by business and administrative staff
  • Automatically incorporates Google Analytics data

Supplier dashboard

  • Filter by year, supplier or consignments
  • Summarises order value by supplier, based on the customer’s region
  • Gives insight into the number of orders and the value of orders
  • Breaks down order value and consignments by order

Orders dashboard

  • Filter by year, supplier or consignments
  • Deeper insight into your fulfillment centres
  • Supplier/warehouse comparison

Fulfillment summary

  • Macro-level reporting on your commerce orders
  • Insight into short picks, warehouse switching of consignments and freight revenue
  • Set threshold alerts

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