The digital disruption of the travel industry gives customers greater choice and flexibility when planning their dream trip.

Providing the ‘best travel experience ever’ is complicated, but with help from QuantumIT, Intrepid Group has almost doubled customer numbers for departures later this year.

Michelle Beveridge, Intrepid Group CIO said, “Our bookings have been consistently up year-on-year, with an average of 60% increase per month and peaking at almost 100% in September.

“QuantumIT’s expertise in data solutions and reducing complexity, combined with rebuilding the data warehouse using an agile approach, started to deliver value in three months – changing from a solution which had become somewhat self-limiting in capabilities.”

The challenge

The key metrics for business success in small group adventure travel include seasonal and demand driven pricing, the number of departure dates available, the number of travelers on each departure date and world events that may suddenly impact a destination.

“Every trip has a break-even point. Intrepid Group guarantees departure dates regardless of how many people are booked on any trip.  To provide the best travel experience ever, we must constantly monitor our data to optimize the experience, the value and the trip fill, for each and every departure date, across over 1,000 itineraries,” Michelle said.

Getting these metrics right and being able to respond quickly to changes, are key challenges for Intrepid.

The solution

For this reason, being able to predict future travel requirements is very important and requires in-depth data mining and analyzing, current and historical facts.

Before enlisting QuantumIT’s solution design and data science consultancy, Intrepid managed many of these metrics via complex spreadsheets and manual effort.

As well as reducing the potential for error, QuantumIT’s solution has vastly improved the speed of data delivery supporting business decisions.

The benefits

“It moved us from having some issues with data accuracy to having full faith in the numbers,” said Michelle.

“A good example is one of our first reports highlighted future departures (up to 12-18 months) selling more rapidly than we’d expect.”

This insight enables Intrepid to increase capacity in time for more people to access the trips they want on the departure dates they want.

Michelle explains. “We use ‘what if’ reporting on pricing and discounting to predict, if we discount or if we tweak these prices what will that do to demand for that product to get enough people travelling evenly across all the different departure days.”

She added, “When we partnered with QuantumIT, they made the project less about just building a data warehouse, and more about really helping us to make better data driven decisions; to see what was possible; and to use an agile approach to build reports on the fly that uncovered a host of secrets.”

“I’d worked with QuantumIT in the past so I knew the company had data warehouse specialist knowledge and invited them in to tell us how it should be done.

“They said better to start again and rebuild from scratch using SQL Server (database, SSIS & SSRS) with Tableau (reporting software), which is what we did.”