The project:

QuantumIT has had an enduring relationship with Stellar, now a multi-channel customer contact centre, since the year 2000. Back then, Stellar created a basic prototype of a futuristic scripting tool, which automatically guided an agent’s conversation from beginning (introduction) to end (closure). The Australian call centre later partnered with QuantumIT to make it work.

Now called cStar™, this software has matured into a business critical call centre application that not only navigates agents through scripts based on complex customer responses, but which also handles all the back-end reporting, emails and task lists.

Stellar has since used the package to successfully manage more than 1400 campaigns.

A number of enhancements are now required to improve its functionality and appeal.

The problem

Geoff Brunker (pictured above), QuantumIT principal consultant said, Stellar wanted to improve the system’s data integrity, reporting component, security, online help, campaign performance management and training support.

The training required to fulfil an increasing number of client requirements became overly complex and the data that was entered into the system varied considerably, depending on who did the call.

‘This created data integrity issues, which in turn generated a lot of rework,’ he said. ‘Where there were gaps between what was required and what was delivered, Stellar was either forced to seek the missing data associated with that particular client call using alternative means, or discard the call altogether.’

As revenue was often based on a cost-per-call basis, rework and discarding calls was a costly exercise.

The solution

Enhancements are grouped under the following broad business objectives

  • Improved Reporting
  • Campaign Set-up
  • Campaign Management
  • Support and Maintenance
  • User Interface

One of the more innovative enhancements involves a bespoke scripting engine that allows script navigation to be configured and navigation performed, based on client responses, to ensure data integrity and call efficiency. This means that the system will automatically navigate the agent to the right question, based on the previous response from the client.

The benefits

This new functionality has reduced training costs by 56%, while improving conversions (earning potential)  by 72% and quality scores by 15% in an environment where every second counts.

The improved reporting system has provided greater insight into agent performance, assisted in identifying training needs, and analysed the script performance to identify what efficiencies could be made to further improve average handling time.

The scripting tool also reduced handling time. This means in some cases the agents don’t even have to click a button to go to the next page.

‘Realising these efficiencies are gold to a call centre, and delivering quality data and quality outcomes are gold to a client,’ said Brunker. “A cost saving analysis by Stellar in an early stage of the project predicted cost savings from: improved reporting, improved campaign handling and management, improved security and backup functions, ease of use and more intuitive navigation.

We’ve achieved that and more, Brunker added.