QuantumIT and CISCO Adelaide smart city project trials in the news

The Adelaide smart city project is a world first trial of new sensor technology designed to result in a faster commute for drivers. The new technology monitors all forms of traffic by tracking the movements of every car, bus, cyclist and even pedestrian that travels through the intersection. The drive is to better organise congestion by [...]

Futuristic scripting tool delivers ‘gold’ to call centre

The project: QuantumIT has had an enduring relationship with Stellar, now a multi-channel customer contact centre, since the year 2000. Back then, Stellar created a basic prototype of a futuristic scripting tool, which automatically guided an agent’s conversation from beginning (introduction) to end (closure). The Australian call centre later partnered with QuantumIT to make it [...]

Flood Intelligence Platform by QuantumIT

The project:  Following the Victorian Government Review of the 2010-2011 Flood Warnings and Response (“Comrie Review”) into the devastating floods of 2010-2011 it was found that Victoria needed a comprehensive flood management system a Flood Intelligence Platform. The  web-based flood intelligence platform, FloodZoom, has been developed internally and in collaboration between the Department of Environment, [...]

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